Athlete Tips

Free Tips for Athletes, use them to become a better athlete! 
1) Mental Warmup
2) Can't Say "Can't"
3) Squat Deep
4) Use it or Lose it
5) Stabilize Your Core
6) Practice More, Play Less
7) You Gotta Eat...MORE
8) General Physical Skills
9) Get Strong!
10) Get Recruited! 
11) Why Test?
12) Conditioning - It has to be sport-specific
13) Get Out of Your Comfort-Zone - speed 
14) Simple but Not Easy - showing up
15) Simple but Not Easy - short-term memory
16) What Colleges Look For in Athletes
17) Simple but Not Easy - focus on what you can control
18) Simple but Not Easy - improving your weaknesses
19) Training to Obtain your Goals?
20) The Time to Prepare for Opportunity
21) Don't Add Speed to Dysfunction 
22) Hinging and Improved Athletic Performance
23) It is not how you Start, but how you Finish
24) No Failure, Only Feedback
25) I can't make you WANT it 
26) We Really Are Doing Division One Training
27) Leaders Lead from the Front
28) Recruiting Tips for Athletes
29) Lifting for Athletic Performance (Part 1)
30) Lifting for Athletic Performance (Part 2)
31) Keep Your Chin Up
32) Lifting for Athletic Performance (Part 3)
33) Coach Anthony's Tip: Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
34) Lifting Young for Big Results
35) Coach Anthony's Tip: Train Smart!
36) AGSP gets RESULTS for Basketball Athletes
37) Achieving Your Full Genetic Potential 
38) Extra Training for the Glutes and Core
39) Basketball and Learning Skills
40) Results in Returning Athletes at AGSP
41) Athletes Beware: Butt Erosion
42) Catching-Up on Sleep (and breathing)
43) Athlete Performance Testing (Part 1)
44) Athlete Performance Testing (Part 2)
45) Sporting Goods Stores and Buying Performance
46) Athlete Performance Testing (Part 3)
47) Not Surprised (Results at AGSP)
48) Unlimited Package and Results
49) Athlete Performance Testing (Part 4)
50) Studs and Buds
51) The Fat-Burning Zone Myth
52) Athlete Performance Testing (Part 5)
53) Why High-Intensity Exercise WORKS
54) Athlete Performance Testing (Part 6) 
55) Athlete Performance Testing (Part 7)
56) Athlete Performance Testing (Part 8)
57) Feedback and Fast Results
58) Is that too much?
59) Athlete Performance Testing (Part 9)
60) Athlete Performance Testing (Part 10)
61) Off-Season Programs and Recruiting
62) You are only as Good as you are Strong
63) Posture, Pilates, and Your Athletic Success
64) Work, Play, and Performance Training
65) Are you really training as much as you think you are?
66) Slow Motion Acceleration Breakdown
67) Exercise Video Tutorial: RDL
68) Details
69) Why was he picked #1 in the draft? 
70) 3 Other Ways to Get Better
71) Optional means Opportunity
72) Baseball Agility
73) Baseball Speed
74) Cleveland Basketball School
75) Olympic Lifts and Athlete Success: Jon Dawson
76) Why Ohio State Won the 2015 National Championship
77) Winning Youth Coaching Podcast interviews Coach Amanda
78) Great Sports Performance Training does NOT include...(Part 1)
79) Great Sports Performance Training does NOT include...(Part 2)
80) Warmup: The Heart of an Athlete's Event
81) Why Baseball and Softball players slide into bases
82) Get In
83) Athletes don't workout
84) Juniata Strength & Conditioning Clinic 2015 Recap
85) 7 Things I Learned from the 2015 MAC Women's Basketball Player of the Year
86) Make Time
87) Basketball Speed is All About Your Next Move
88) The Extra for The Love
89) Not Enough
90) How To Create an On-Court Workout
91) Always On the Attack
92) Weight Room Hero but On-Court Zero
93) Your Win Needs To Be A Team Win
94) Life Lessons & Life Questions
95) Recap of the Diamond Speed, Strength, and Power Clinic
96) My Interview on The Whistle and A Clipboard Podcast
97) The 3 Factors of Speed
98) Why Doing This Actually Hurts Your Sports Performance
99) 3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Workouts
100) What College Coaches Look For At Games
101) The 80/20 Rule for Training
102) Your Speed and Agility Training Needs Some TLC
103) Why Max Testing is a Waste of Time for Athletes
104) You Are What You Can Guard
105) How to Create an Unstoppable Off-Season of Growth & Development
106) 2 Myths My 4th Graders Busted About AAU
107) PGC/Glazier Coaches Clinic Detroit 2016 
108) When Your Best Isn't Good Enough 
109) The #1 Way to Become a Better Defender
110) How Athletes Can Avoid Ruining Their Two-A-Days or Three-A-Days
111) 3 Things Athletes Should Have Done This Summer
112) Got It
113) What Makes You Sore and What Does Not