Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tip #6: Practice More, Play Less

Hello Everyone!

Today's athletes are playing year-round and are NOT developing into better athletes.


Because playing more games with the same skills you have always had does not develop you into better athlete.

Look at some of today's athletic super stars such as Tiger Woods and Venus & Serena Williams who are famous for practicing for hours and hours. Especially when they were younger, they would spend long tedious hours honing their skills. Check out Secrets of Greatness and learn more about some of today's "greats" practice habits.

At AGSP we see a lot of athletes that play a lot more than they practice and are frustrated at their lack of skill development.

You CAN'T develop skills if you DON'T practice.

You CAN'T become faster if your DON'T practice proper running mechanics.

You CAN'T become more agile if you DON'T practice proper agility mechanics.

You CAN'T play your way into becoming a better athlete if you DON'T take time to develop better skills.

Now I know a lot of athletes and parents reading this are going to be thinking, "but everybody plays in leagues year-round...I need to stay in the loop." If you have the courage and patience to break the trend and practice better skills instead of playing with the same skills you have, soon enough everybody will be wanting to do what your doing.

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart