Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Congrats UNCG Women's Golf!

Hello Everyone!

Congratulations are in order for UNCG's Women's Golf team! They finished 2nd at this year's SoCon Golf Tournament!

I must admit though, while most schools would be very happy and excited about a 2nd place finish, I know the girls are not. They have said from the beginning that their goal was to "win the SoCon". Does a 2nd place finish take away from all of their accomplishments, hard-work, and sweat? Certainly not! Will a 2nd place finish make them more hungry, driven, and motivated? You can bet on it! Do not be surprised if UNCG becomes a "big school" for women's golf, because with girls like these, the only thing they will settle for is greatness!

UNCG's Erica Creed is part of a strong team.

Go get 'em ladies!

Keep Training!

Coach Amanda Haren

Friday, April 18, 2008

SoCon Women's Tennis Player of the Year!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick post to say CONGRATULATIONS to Ale on being selected the SoCon Women's Tennis Player of the Year!

She is very talented on the tennis courts and it has been a great pleasure of mine to work with her and the entire Women's Tennis team at UNCG. As a team, they are very motivated, hard-working, and willing to learn, grow, and become better athletes.

Below is a photo I took at the girl's last regular season match (which they won). Can anyone say "Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (RDL)"? :-)

Ally serving during UNCG's regular season win over Wofford.

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Haren

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Off Season 103

Hello Everyone!

This is the last installment of the "Off Season" mini-series, click the numbers for parts 1 and 2.

I have been hinting to this last fundamental aspect of off season training throughout the mini-series, so without further hesitation...

Off Season 103
Get Stronger!
Without a doubt, you have to get stronger during your off season. Becoming a stronger athlete has multiple benefits:
1.) More Strength = More Power
If you increase your overall strength then you increase your potential for more power. It's basic science, POWER = (FORCE x DISTANCE) / TIME. So if you increase your ability to generate force and all other variables remain constant, your power will increase.
2.) More Strength = Faster Movement
If you increase your overall strength then you increase your potential for faster speed. Again using proven science, ACCELERATION = FORCE / MASS or acceleration is defined as "the change in velocity of an object". How do you change the velocity of an object? You force it to move faster! The more force you can generate the more acceleration and velocity you can produce.
3.) More Strength = Higher Injury-Prevention Threshold
The body is only as strong as its weakest link. You must strengthen your body to better prepare it for the stresses and forces it will endure and absorb during your sport.
4.) More Strength = More Confidence
Knowing you a stronger (and therefore more powerful and faster) can be a huge confidence booster. Not only that, but the hard work and challenges that go into become stronger can really strengthen your mind as well as your body.

UNCG's Kyle Hines understands the importance of a good Off Season.

Make the most of your off season to make you a more balanced, healthy, and better athlete.

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Haren