Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Akron General Sports Performance

Hello Everyone!

My new position as a Head Sports Performance Coach at Akron General is going great!

I'm really impressed with the level of athletes (mostly high school) I am working with. Many of them will surely being playing collegiate.

The adults in our Adult Performance groups are loosing weight, building muscle, and reaching personal goals.

What I am loving most is the high level of co-workers (coaches) I am surrounded by. Everyday we strive to get better... we challenge each other... together we make ourselves and our program better.

Watch out Northeast Ohio, there's something huge brewing at Akron General's Sports Performance!

For information (and possibly a free trial) call:

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Haren

Friday, May 9, 2008

Farwell & Thanks UNCG!

Hello Everyone!

It is with mixed feelings that I say Goodbye to UNCG. It was a great honor and privilege to work with all of UNCG's 13 sports over the 07-08 year.

The athletes are not just hard-working, talented players, but also amazing people.

I am very grateful to have received so many thanks, cards, letters, and photos over the past week as I prepare to leave for my new position as a Sports Performance Coach at Akron General Hospital in Akron, Ohio. My biggest regret is knowing that I will not be at UNCG next season to watch the teams dominate the SoCon (as I know they will).

A team-signed shirt I received from the 07-08 UNCG Women's Tennis Team. :)

Keep checking UNCG's website over the 08-09 year... it will be full of great & exciting achievements!

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Haren

Monday, May 5, 2008

Are YOU Good Enough to be an "Athlete of the Week"

Hello Everyone!

It's one thing to workout...and it's a whole different thing to TRAIN! During this past semester at UNCG we (the Speed, Strength & Conditioning Department) started an "Athlete of the Week" contest.

We wanted to reward those athletes that pushed themselves and their teammates. Those athletes that came in everyday wanting to get better. Those athletes that raised the bar for not only themselves, but those around them. Those athletes that want it more than everyone else.

Just some of this semester's ATHLETES OF THE WEEK at UNCG.

Do you work hard enough to be considered "athlete of the week" material? Do you walk into the gym saying, "I'm going to give it all I got"? Do you motivate not only yourself, but your teammates as well?

Its easy to just go and workout, it takes someone special to train.

Coach Amanda Haren