PGC's Athlete Performance College

I left Akron General Sports Performance after 7 1/2 years to join PGC Basketball's Athlete Performance College in the fall of 2015. Also known as PGC's APC, I traveled across the country with APC to help athletes get faster, stronger, and more powerful. Below are blog posts (with photos) from my travels!

September 2015, Atlanta, Georgia
 Joining PGC Basketball

September 2015, Chicago, Illinois
PGC's Athlete Performance College

September 2015, Columbus, Ohio
Basketball Speed is All About Your Next Move

October 2015, Indianapolis, Indiana
The Extra for the Love

November 2015, Sacramento, California
Always on the Attack

November 2015, Seattle, Washington
Your Win Needs To Be a Team Win

September 2016, Dallas, Texas
Got It

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