Monday, September 29, 2014

Athletes in Action: Connor Vomero

Hello Everyone!

Recently I had a chance to watch one of our football athletes compete. Connor Vomero of Highland is number 27 and he did some private training with me this summer to fine tune his athletic performance.

It's always great to see the skills we work on at AGSP in action. Here are some examples:

Acceleration off the line. Connor does a nice job of driving back, keeping his shoulders pointed forward, and extending through the hip. These were key points we focused on in his training.

Keeping his weight forward and chest facing down. Are crucial for successfully chasing down his opponent once free from his defender. This summer, we did some video analysis to help him improve this part of his run.

Weight forward and chest down.
It's always a compliment when you are double or tripled teamed. Connor's hard-work in the weight room, along with proper athletic mechanics, makes it tough for just one person to stop him.
Triple-teamed and still moving.

He was very consistent with his proper start stance: chin in front of knees, flat back, and chest facing down.
Start stance.

Great triple extension on this almost sack of the QB. We worked on this with Cleans in the weight room. 

Triple extension means hips, knees, and ankles extend.
I'm a big believer in training athletes in movements that they actually do in a game and Connor demonstrates them well!

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance