Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adult Spotlight #1: Kim McFarlane

Hello Everyone!

With the new year fast approaching many people are looking ahead in hopes of bettering themselves in some way (many with hopes related to fitness).

For a little motivation, meet our 1st Adult Spotlight, Kim McFarlane. She has been training at AGSP for well over a year and her journey is sure to inspire...

Adult Name:
Kim McFarlane

When did your start Adult Performance?

June 2008

Why did you start Adult Performance?
To lose weight and build muscle.
As well as improve race times (half marathon & full marathon).

What was your goal(s) when you first started Adult Performance?
- To lose 10 lbs

- To run a half marathon under 2 hours

Have you achieved any of these goals since starting Adult Performance?
- Yes, both.

- I have cut 30 minutes off my half marathon time

- I have cut 1 hour off my marathon time

In what ways has Adult Performance helped you "perform better"? (more energy, sports, family, etc.)
- Running Form
- Increased Speed

What would you tell someone that's interested in trying Adult Performance? (Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, etc.)

- Hang in there, its tough in the beginning and you might want to quit, but the pain is making you stronger!


Looking for the fast track to a better body? AGSP is the answer! Call today for your free trial. Who knows, you may end up working out with Kim. :-)

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart

Thursday, December 3, 2009

16th Annual Practical Approach to Sports Medicine

Hello Everyone!

This Friday December 4th, I will be a guest speaker at the

16th Annual Practical Approach to Sports Medicine Symposium

My topic is on Dynamic Flexibility, an attribute extremely important to athletes and general population alike.

Remember, our bodies don't work through limitations, sadly they work around limitations. This causes the development of poor movement patterns which will eventually decrease performance and increase risk of injury!

Don't let flexibility be your (or your athletes') weak link, for more information on the Symposium click here. If you can't make it to the Symposium, but would like to learn more about Dynamic Flexibility you contact me at aharen@agmc.org

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart