Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adult Spotlight #1: Kim McFarlane

Hello Everyone!

With the new year fast approaching many people are looking ahead in hopes of bettering themselves in some way (many with hopes related to fitness).

For a little motivation, meet our 1st Adult Spotlight, Kim McFarlane. She has been training at AGSP for well over a year and her journey is sure to inspire...

Adult Name:
Kim McFarlane

When did your start Adult Performance?

June 2008

Why did you start Adult Performance?
To lose weight and build muscle.
As well as improve race times (half marathon & full marathon).

What was your goal(s) when you first started Adult Performance?
- To lose 10 lbs

- To run a half marathon under 2 hours

Have you achieved any of these goals since starting Adult Performance?
- Yes, both.

- I have cut 30 minutes off my half marathon time

- I have cut 1 hour off my marathon time

In what ways has Adult Performance helped you "perform better"? (more energy, sports, family, etc.)
- Running Form
- Increased Speed

What would you tell someone that's interested in trying Adult Performance? (Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, etc.)

- Hang in there, its tough in the beginning and you might want to quit, but the pain is making you stronger!


Looking for the fast track to a better body? AGSP is the answer! Call today for your free trial. Who knows, you may end up working out with Kim. :-)

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart

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