Monday, May 5, 2008

Are YOU Good Enough to be an "Athlete of the Week"

Hello Everyone!

It's one thing to workout...and it's a whole different thing to TRAIN! During this past semester at UNCG we (the Speed, Strength & Conditioning Department) started an "Athlete of the Week" contest.

We wanted to reward those athletes that pushed themselves and their teammates. Those athletes that came in everyday wanting to get better. Those athletes that raised the bar for not only themselves, but those around them. Those athletes that want it more than everyone else.

Just some of this semester's ATHLETES OF THE WEEK at UNCG.

Do you work hard enough to be considered "athlete of the week" material? Do you walk into the gym saying, "I'm going to give it all I got"? Do you motivate not only yourself, but your teammates as well?

Its easy to just go and workout, it takes someone special to train.

Coach Amanda Haren

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