Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Basketball Speed is All About Your Next Move

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Last weekend I was outside of Columbus, Ohio as the site coordinator for PGC Basketball's Athlete Performance College. Director Ty Terrell did a stellar job of coaching the athletes speed, quickness, strength, and power in a jam-packed, fun course.
Coach Jason Chan, Director Ty Terrell, and myself had a great time in Worthington, Ohio.
A main theme Director Ty had was the emphasis and understanding that "basketball speed is all about your next move." The game of basketball is characterized by multiple starts, stops, and changes of direction. The speediest basketball athletes are the ones that are constantly in a ready body position.
Coach John Sales gets ready to drop a ball during a drill that challenges athletes' "next move."
A ready body position is an athletic stance that allows you to move in any needed direction. A great athletic stance allows you to react faster, stronger, and more efficiently. This ready body position is what great basketball athletes are constantly in, hence why they are consistently faster and quicker than their less-ready (less athletic) counterparts.
Coach Jason Chan watches as athletes practice their speed.
What's great about PGC's Athlete Performance College is not only are the athletes taught how to get into the best athletic stance, but they are also shown film of collegiate and professional basketball players using the same positions the athletes are learning at the course.
The athletes at Worthington were a special group of hard-working, SCHAPEd athletes!
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Coach Amanda Kephart

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