Thursday, September 17, 2015

Joining PGC Basketball

Hello Everyone!

It was hard to say "Goodbye to Akron General" and I'll miss everyone always. Yet, I'm thankful the sadness of my goodbye was followed by a happy welcome to the PGC Basketball family.

PGC Basketball has been running world-class basketball courses across the country for over 20 years. While PGC stands for Point Guard College, it's for every basketball player who wants to learn the game on a scholarly level.

"Think the Game" is one of PGC's pillars and I can say the classroom sessions at their courses are incredibly insightful and practical.

Let's face it, every serious athlete trains and practices hard, so how does an athlete get an advantage? While others are focusing only on their physical skills, PGC athletes train their minds and intangibles (in addition to smart physical training). Intangibles like leadership, spirit, communication, hustle, approach, precision, and more. Things every team and coach needs more of.

PGC's mission to "be a light that SCHAPEs the basketball world" (SCHAPE is an acronym) is an exciting mission to join.

I'm honored to be a Director of their Athlete Performance College which is an intense two-day weekend course designed to teach athletes how to be quicker, stronger and more explosive. It empowers athletes with the right training tools, skills, drills and workouts they need to make sure they are fast enough and strong enough to play at the next level. Here's a couple of photos from my weekend in Atlanta, GA with fellow Athlete Performance College directors Micah Hayes, Ty Terrell, and Will Johnson.
Me, Micah Hayes, Ty Terrell, and William Johnson are the Directors of Athlete Performance College.

It takes teamwork to make the dream work!

 I'll be traveling to:
- Chicago, Illinois
- Worthington, Ohio
- Indianapolis, Indiana
- Seattle, Washington
- Dixon, California
Making athletes quicker, stronger and more explosive!

Keep Training! 
Coach Amanda Kephart

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