Thursday, September 3, 2015

Leaving Akron General

Hello Everyone!

If you've ever trained with me at Akron General Sports Performance, I hope that besides the great speed, strength, and power training (and/or great workout), you were also impacted by the many life lessons I share during a coaching session.

Life, athletics, and working out have a lot in common.

"You get out of them what you put into them."

"If they don't challenge you they don't change you."

"If you want to be extraordinary you have to do the extra that ordinary won't do."

"If it was easy, everyone would be great."

Your life, your athletic career, and your fitness are all your responsibility.

That said, it is with the heaviest heart that I have to announce that I am leaving Akron General Sports Performance, effective Thursday September 10.

My decision is in no way reflective of the great athletes and adults currently training at AGSP. I absolutely love all the athletes and adults and am going to miss everyone sooooo much. It has been an honor to coach so many great people over the past 7 years. Leaving them is one of the saddest things I've ever had to do in my life.

I am extremely proud of the reputation I have helped Akron General Sports Performance create within our local communities. The program will still be the world-class, division-one style speed, strength, and conditioning program it is. I hope my decision does not stop athletes and adults from training at what is in my opinion, one of the best sports performance programs in the country.

I have achieved as many goals as I possibly could at AGSP and wish it continued success. I apologize for not sharing more details behind why I am leaving, but as with most tough decisions, this tough decision is deeply personal.

This website,, is my personal website and I will updating it with my new endeavors, tips for life, and valuable blog posts.

I can be reached at and am staying in the Akron, Ohio area.

Coach Amanda Kephart
@_coachamanda_ (Twitter and Instagram)

Here are some OLD videos, followed by some photos from the past 7 years. I apologize if any athletes are blushing at these throw backs. :-) You can watch more videos at 

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