Monday, October 5, 2015

The Extra for The Love

Hello Everyone!

I was recently in Indianapolis, IN making athletes quicker, stronger, and more explosive with PGC's Athlete Performance College. This group of athletes was very SCHAPEd, very hard-working, and a great group to coach.

As a strength coach, I sometimes forget that sport athletes don't necessarily love to lift and condition. They love their sport (in this case, basketball) and the lifting, working out, caring for their body, and conditioning are by-products of their love of sport. They are interested in knowing how to better their bodies because they know if they want to do what they love, they have to do the extra work.

To be extraordinary, you have to be willing to do the extra that the ordinary won't do. 
Indy had great athletes AND great coaches! Ryan Darks, Kamrein Street, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Webb, & Jason are some of the best coaches out there!

The Athlete Performance College shows athletes how to get quicker, stronger, and more explosive with just their body and their basketball. So there is no excuse for them not to get quicker and stronger than their competition. It also shows them how to set-up these on-court workouts so they maximize their training time which allows them to get back to practicing the sport they love.

And we all know that the sports we love are a lot more fun when we are the quickest, strongest, and most explosive athlete on the floor. :-)

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart

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