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How To Create an On-Court Workout

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In my last post ("Not Enough") I stated that to get enough speed, strength, and power training into your life to actually give you results, you would have to also add on-court workouts to your 2+ days in the weight room.
On-Court Workouts are used by the Pros to get quicker, stronger, and more eplosive. (Image:
How to Create an On-Court Workout
*I suggest you do these first as let's face it, you are a basketball player, you love the game of basketball, you probably don't like working out as much, so do it first to make sure you actually do it!

Your quick, but effective workout should have a template similar to this:
A) Speed and/or Agility Training
B) Power Exercise
C) Lower Body Strength Exercise
D) Posterior Chain Exercise (I like to call this "Go Muscles")
E) Upper Body Strength Exercise
F) Core

The reason for the ordering is to put the most neurologically demanding exercises and training first when you are your freshest.

So an example workout could look like:
A) Partner Ball Drops Sprints
B) Bodyweight Squat Jumps
C) Walking Lunges
D) Supine Glute Bucks
E) Pushups
F) Core Bridge Opposites
*If you are not sure what these exercises are type them into YouTube. I use common industry names which makes the exercises easy to find.

Over my decade-plus of training athletes I have found great results with training in 3 sets. I've also found that you get more out of on-court workouts by training for a set amount of time. With that in mind, a round of training (where you go from A to B to C...until you've completed all 6 exercises before starting back at A) would look like this.

A) Best out of 10 drops
B) 30 seconds
C) 30 seconds
D) 30 seconds
E) 30 seconds
F) 30 seconds
*Repeat for a total of 3 rounds with minimal rest. 

As you become stronger you'll be able to do more reps in less time. Eventually you could increase the time from 30 seconds to 45 seconds to 60 seconds etc.

With a little planning there is an endless amount of combinations and exercises you could do to get quicker, stronger, and more explosive! At PGC's Athlete Performance College I give my athletes 3 separate workouts already planned out to maximize their training and to take the guesswork out.

To learn more about PGC's Athlete Performance College click HERE. If you have a question about how to create your own on-court workouts email me at

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