Thursday, June 19, 2014

Walsh Jesuit Showcase for the Cure 2014

Hello Everyone!

This year's Walsh Jesuit Showcase for the Cure was my favorite so far! It is such a great event with an even more amazing cause.

Showcase day is jam packed as it is the last day of the Walsh Jesuit Baseball Camp, a baseball focused Expo, and a Showcase of most of Ohio's best baseball players. The Showcase is highly attended by collegiate and professional scouts from all over the country. The Camp on this day includes an opportunity for campers to improve their speed and running with me as I am one of the 5 stations the athletes rotate through. The athletes this year were a lot of fun and hardworking as we were sweating in the summer heat!
Coach Kaczmar speaks to the crowd while members of the Walsh Jesuit baseball team wait to release balloons in member of Chad Crawford.

Coach Kaczmar, the head baseball coach for Walsh Jesuit, gave a great speech honoring Chad Crawford, the man who picked the charity that the Showcase raised money for this year. Coach Kaczmar encouraged everyone to live like Chad did, with exclamation marks!!! Live each day fully!!! Love others, like Chad did, with big energy and a bigger heart!!!

Coach Beals, the head baseball coach for Ohio State, shared a powerful story about attitude, Ohio State's "we not me", and having a "next pitch" mentality. He reminded everyone that it is not just skills he's recruiting, but young men with great character.

The Expo always have some great vendors!
AGSP had a lot of athletes participate in this year's Showcase. It was a special feeling looking at Ohio's best and being able to know many of them personally. I took a moment to point out that the biggest difference between collegiate athletes and high school athletes is that collegiate athletes truly are bigger, faster, stronger, and more powerful. Athletes at both levels can hit, throw, catch, and run, but collegiate athletes have trained themselves so they can do all those things with more power, strength, and speed. You have to train your body if you hope to compete at the next level.

Thanks to Coach Kaczmar, Gary Minorik, and the entire Walsh Jesuit Baseball Showcase for the Cure family for such an amazing experience!

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance

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