Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nick DeLeone slow motion Acceleration

Hello Everyone!

In this slow motion video, AGSP and Walsh Jesuit athlete Nick DeLeone demonstrates great acceleration mechanics out of the box in Canal Park.

0:13 he gets his shoulders in the direction he wants to go

0:15 he drives his foot behind him and finds a great, low, acceleration angle

0:16-0:20 he stays in the low, powerful angle and drives his knees all the way up and his feet as far behind him as possible

0:25 is worth pausing: great arm action, leg drive, toe finish...

0:26-0:33 he is transitioning from acceleration to max velocity mechanics

0:34-0:48 he realizes he has beat out the throw (you will see the first baseman is not even standing on the bag) and starts to slow down (because his feet start to land in front of him as he is putting on the brakes)

To read the latest on Nick DeLeone and the rest of his Walsh Jesuit teammates, check out the school's website.

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Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance

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