Monday, May 12, 2014

Are you really training as much as you think you are?

Hello Everyone!

Are you really training as much as you think you are?

As a fitness professional, I practice what I preach, and train 5 days a week. At first this seems like a lot, but through good record keeping I learned that over the course of one calendar year I trained on 223 days. Again, at first this sounds like a lot, but when you do the math the truth comes out.
223/365 = 61%.

61% is not a passing grade by most standards. Yet, I have a scheduled training regimen of 5 days a week.

What happened to the other 142 days? Well, I don't have scheduled training on the weekends so right there is 104 (52 Saturdays and 52 Sundays). What about the other 38 (over a month!)? 38 days of not training were probably spent mainly on vacation days and the occasional sick day.

Yet, most people believe that, at 5 days a week of scheduled training, I train "plenty". But in reality it's a subpar 61%. I share this because, like myself, many people and athletes believe we are training a lot in order to reach our goals.
Training frequency does impact your results.
There is so much research out that shows our bodies adapt better from multiple exposures. So if you're not seeing the results, maybe it is simply because you are not training as much as your body needs (and as much as you think you are).

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Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance 

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