Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Get to Know Your Coach: Carly Riepenhoff

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Athletes at AGSP get to work with the area's best sports performance coaches during their training sessions. Recently I did a Q& A with Coach Carly Riepenhoff, check it out and get to know your coaches better!
Our athletes know you as Coach Carly Riepenhoff, what does Coach Carly Riepenhoff like to do outside of making athletes better?
I really love being outdoors doing anything from hiking and biking to barbecuing. When I can't be outside, I am a pretty avid baker. When I lived in Texas, I enjoyed making birthday character cakes for my co-workers' kids. If I'm not baking, I enjoy sewing and trying to keep up with my four nieces and nephews!

How did you get started working with athletes? 
Before I attended college, I completed a program similar to AGSP on the other side of Ohio to prepare me for the rigorous workouts I knew were coming in college. While at college I majored in Exercise Physiology and always worked at adventure camps for kids during the summer. When I needed a final internship, I was lucky enough to return to the place that prepared me mentally and physically for college sports and work with the next generation of athletes.

Based on your experience, what is the one, biggest physical skill that today's athlete lacks? How do you address that need? 
I would have to say flexibility. It is very important that an athlete be able to utilize their joints through the entire range of motion. With adequate flexibility, athletes can better perform the movements of their sport and training exercises efficiently without wasting energy on overcoming tightness of muscles and ligaments. I feel that athletes do not spend a lot time on improving their flexibility because one: it can be pretty boring, and two: they don't feel like they are working hard. Many athletes will think if they didn't sweat or feel the burn...then it didn't do anything. Flexibility is just opposite, use it as your cooldown, and stretch everyday!

You were a Division One softball athlete , how has your experience helped your current athletes? 
I had a very unique experience in college sports. From coaching changes, to winning seasons, losing seasons, to name it, it probably happened during my four years at college. There was no doubt it was quite a roller-coaster ride but one I wouldn't change. Those experiences really toughened me up and taught me to adapt to new things which I consider an invaluable lesson in sports and life.

What do you like most about working with athletes? 
Being able to see how much drive and self-motivation these young athletes have is very inspirational. I can only dream of where I would have gone if I had their work ethic when I was that age. They make it easy to be trained which definitely benefits them in their sports, academics, and life. Seeing them reach their goals is priceless.

What advice would you give today's athlete? 
No one ever regretted working hard.

Thanks Coach Carly for your great coaching and passion!

Keep Training!
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