Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baseball Performance Specialist

Hello Everyone!

Overhead throwing athletes have unique demands with their sports. One of the unique demands is the repetitive nature of the overhead throwing athlete. This repetitive nature causes some unique adaptations in the body that can decrease performance and increase injury risk.

Overhead throwing athletes need to get to know Tristan Rodik. He is an expert in maximizing movement and improving athletes' performance, especially in the overhead throwing athlete. He has his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from The University of Akron, and numerous hours working with athletes to maximize their performance.

Here is a video of Tristan testing baseball athlete Nate Lundy for hip rotation (external and capsule). You will be surprised what "small" differences he finds that can have "BIG" implications on Nate's swing and throws.

If you are an overhead throwing athlete and want to improve your game, contact us today! Team testing options available!

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart

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