Monday, March 30, 2009

Characteristics of a World Class Athlete

Hello Everyone!

This post is an adaptation of Major Andrew Thompson's post on Characteristics of a World Class Trainee.

Top athletes share some powerful characteristics.
How many of these traits do you have?

- an insatiable desire to improve
- self-motivated and take action

Willingness to Listen
- teachable
- open and willing to accept guidance and correction
- engaged listener
- fosters effective communication between athlete and coach

Dedication to Fundamentals:
- embraces fundamentals
- builds a solid foundation "performs common movements uncommonly well" (virtuosity)
- improves with regular, deliberate practice
- pre-workout time is maximized and used as an opportunity to sharpen basic skills

Mental and Physical Preparedness:
- is prepared at every session
- never late for training
- enthusiastic about the opportunity at hand, regardless of how they “feel”
- recognizes that rest and nutrition are not distractions, but rather complementary building blocks of elite human performance

Ability to Train Alone:
- while a group dynamic offers encouragement and mutual accountability, there are times when an athlete must work alone
- excuses aside, a world-class athlete will find a way to face rigorous protocols alone and unafraid

Behavior under Distress
- is able to deal with injury and the mental anguish of rehabilitation
- is able to bounce back quickly and with even greater resolve
- understands that pain and injury are sometimes part of the contract
- reveals true character in times of discomfort and adversity

Every workout...
Every practice...
Every game.... an opportunity to develop these world class characteristics.

Pick one or two characteristics you currently don't have and commit yourself to adding them to your athletic arsenal.

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart

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