Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tip #7: You Gotta Eat...MORE

Hello Everyone!

Need to put on pounds? Then don't fall into this failed equation...

Swear you're eating a lot + not gaining weight = YOU'RE NOT EATING ENOUGH

I'll never forget the time I saw Division One Coaches yelling at one of their athletes for not putting on the weight he needed.

I'll repeat... YELLING.

These coaches would not except the athlete's excuse of "but coach I eat A LOT". If you are not putting weight on, then you are NOT eating enough. These coaches, like myself, pay little attention to the fact that you eat twice as much as your friends... the results speak for themselves.

No matter how much you're currently eating and/or drinking, if you are not reaching your body weight goals then you need to consume MORE.

Meeting your body weight goals should be just as important as reaching your squat goals, 40 yard goals, team goals, etc.

Add calorie packed beverages.
Pack twice as much food for lunch.
Eat until you're stuffed, not just full.

Whatever it takes, take your body weight seriously.

Keep Training! (and eating!)
Coach Amanda Kephart

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