Friday, January 4, 2008

Who I Am: Education

In today's world, its important to know who you are getting your information from. That is why I am providing you important information about myself in a quick and easy to reference mini-series.

Part 1:

The University of Akron, Akron, OH
Masters Degree, August 2007
Major: Exercise Physiology/Adult Fitness
Overall GPA: 4.0/4.0

Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, OH
Bachelors of Arts, May 2006
Majors: Exercise Physiology & Fitness Management
Minor: Chemistry
Overall GPA: 3.5/4.0

That's the black and white, if your still reading then here's the fun gray...

* Studied abroad at The University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia for 4.5 months.
* Was part of an "over 100 year old" ceremony during Baldwin-Wallace's Graduation called the White Rose, I was personally selected by faculty and staff for my unique and contributing characteristics and talents.

And a little "Personal Note"...
I believe successful professionals are those that are always students. In practicing this belief I am currently reading highly recommended books on strength and conditioning and just recently attended my first professional convention, East Tennessee State University's SPEC Coaches and Sport Sciences College. At the convention I had the honor to meet and personally talk with Meg Stone, the first Female Division 1 Head Strength and Conditioning Coach in the world.

At this point you are either calling me a smarty-pants or slightly relieved you aren't wasting your time reading my blog (at least I'm educated). Most likely its the first :-)

Keep Liftin',
Coach Amanda Haren

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