Sunday, January 27, 2008

Training Philosophy (Part 1: Injuries)

Hey Everyone!

I believe it is so important to have philosophies; to live by, work by, and train by. As a strength & conditioning coach I sincerely believe that it does not matter how strong, powerful, or fast an athlete is if that athlete is injured.

So many times I've heard of athletes coming back from injuries too early (whether because of their own desire, or that of a coach) only to be re-injured and miss more playing time. Not only that, but many times athletic performance & training departments ignore an athlete's warning signs...many of which can be precursors to injuries. It must also be said that the field as a whole has made huge progress in this area and because of this I am always conscious of and trying to combat these 5 issues/warning signs for my athletes.

1.) Postural Issues
Examples include: Rounded Shoulders & Pelvic Tilt (anterior & posterior)

2.) Muscle Imbalances
Examples include: Quad VS Hamstring, Chest VS Back, Anterior Shoulder VS Posterior Scap, Abdominal VS Low Back

3.) Mobility Deficiencies
Examples include: Ankle, Hip, Shoulder, Thoracic Spine

4.) Muscle Inactivation
Examples include: Gluteus Medius, Hamstring, VMO (especially in females)

5.) Flexibility Limitations
Examples include: Hamstring, Shoulder, Hip Flexors

If, as a professional that is entrusted with making athletes better, you do not consider these issues and how they can personally affect individuals, you are in essence keeping your athletes at a higher than necessary risk level for injury, and in many cases preventing them from reaching their true potential...a potential that is best expressed in athletes that are balanced, mobile, flexible, fully-activated, and have healthy posture.

Next time I will discuss key components for any athletes' training program & specifics about the exercises you should be including.

Keep liftin',
Coach Amanda Haren

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