Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Get In

Hello Everyone!

If an athlete wants to get in the game, they first need to get in the training and preparation. High School Sports today are more competitive than ever. You don't play at the high school level today by accident. You play by effort, sweat, and getting in the work.

GETTING IN some core/ab work at Akron General Sports Performance.
Here are some things athletes have to GET IN before they can expect to get in the game:
  • GET IN the weight room! Your athletic career will end when everyone else is stronger than you. Don't let that happen when strength is a byproduct of your choices or lack there of, to get in the weight room.  

  • GET IN the speed training! Speed is king! Respect the king and learn how to get faster. Speed can be taught and coached! The top prospects never train alone, they find great coaches and get trained by them. 

  • GET IN the coach's office! It may be a surprise to you, but your coach actually knows a lot about your sport. When was the last time YOU asked to meet with them and talk shop? At the very least, you'll learn what your coach looks for in athletes. 

  • GET IN the classroom! One day your sports career will end, how much education will you have to fall back on is 100% up to you.

All of these GET INs can be done by any athlete that chooses to do them. Getting in the game is a choice. A choice to put the effort, sweat, and work into the GET INs that come before the game starts. 

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance

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