Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Athletes don't workout

Hello Everyone!

Athletes need to stop looking at their strength, speed, and power training as workouts. Athletes are not working out, athletes are TRAINING and PRACTICING their game-needed speed, strength, and power skills.

Athletes should be spending their time in the gym and weight room with the priority of, "how is this time going to help me play better and at a higher level?"
Developing vertical power, hip rotation, and proper athletic landings.
The training sessions at AGSP are designed to help athletes gain the speed moves, flexibility, range of motion, biomechanics, physics, strength and power that all great athletes have.
Getting faster laterally (side to side) improves your defensive skills.

Other programs like those in muscle magazines, rec centers, Crossfit and boot camps are great for general population and those looking to get healthy and fit. But Professional Sports teams and Division One Collegiate programs don't train their athletes with these programs, they train their athletes scientifically and specifically for the speed, strength, and power assets their athletes need to play their sport better.  (Remember people's jobs are on the line at these levels so they have to do exactly what will help their athletes win.) And that's what we do at AGSP, we equip our athletes with the same science-based approach.
Short hill sprints WITH resistance bands make you a faster, stronger runner. 
Being in the gym/weight room doesn't guarantee you're getting faster, stronger, and more powerful for your game.

When your athletic career is over, you can utilize other great workout programs like Crossfit or boot camps, but until then, TRAIN like the D1s and Pros!

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance 

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