Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get to Know Your Coach: Nic White

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Athletes at AGSP get to work with the area's best sports performance coaches during their training sessions. Recently I did a Q&A with Coach Nic White, check it out and get to know your coaches better!  

Our athletes know you as Coach Nic White, what does Coach Nic White like to do outside of making athletes better?
Outside of making student-athletes better I enjoy educating myself in all facets of athletics. I also enjoy working out, fishing, and spending time with family.

How did you get started working with athletes? 
I began working with student-athletes when I was a student-athlete. I took leadership roles in every sport I was involved in. On that note, I focused on making everyone on my team better in life and athletics.

Based on your experience, what is the one, biggest physical skill that today's athlete lacks? How do you address that need? 
Balance! Every athlete trains to get bigger and stronger. Coaches themselves will push an athlete to gain substantial amounts of weight. If you cannot play within your frame it will make it that much harder to change direction, accelerate, and reach maximal velocity.

You have a lot of Collegiate Coaching experience, how has time at the collegiate level helped your current athletes? 
I understand what it takes to be successful at every level. I know the different physical and mental traits that successful athletes possess. High school and college athletics go beyond the field, the chalkboard, and the weight room. My time at the college ranks allowed me the opportunity to spend more time around athletes, which has opened my eyes to these different traits.

What do you like most about working with athletes? 
I love watching student-athletes accomplish their goals on and off the playing field.

What advice would you give today's athlete? 
Focus on the process of becoming a champion instead of the championship itself. If the “opportunity” is presented to you tomorrow are you prepared?

Thanks Coach Nic for your great coaching and passion!

Keep Training!
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