Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Extra Training for the Glutes and Core

Hello Everyone!

Recently, the AGSP Adult Class had the opportunity to experience a  Body Works Barre class taught by the talented Anne Laing, who is a Certified Yoga Teacher. Anne explained that the class was based on Pilates and Ballet with a focus on core and glutes.

As a Sports Performance Coach I saw the class addressing everyone's, especially athletes, weaknesses in the core (mainly core stability) and the glutes (hitting nearly every muscle that is attached to the pelvis)! As a participant, I could feel the class "waking up" core and hip muscles in ways that they haven't been woken-up in a long time. It was a great reminder that these areas are so under-utilized in our daily lives that we have to give them as much extra training as possible to bring them up to their fullest potential.

If our core and hips are weak, there is no way we are the best athletes we can be. As Anne said at the end of the workout, "many professional athletes (especially NFL athletes) take Ballet and Pilates to supplement their training
Body Works Barre and Sports Performance are located under the same roof!

For a full schedule of classes and their descriptions check out THIS LIFESTYLES SCHEDULE. To reach Anne directly, you can email her at  laing_anne@yahoo.com or visit her Linkden Page.

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance

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