Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Colleges Look For in Athletes

Hello Everyone!

Many athletes hope to play their chosen sport at the collegiate level, but few have ever thought about what skills they need to be offered the opportunity to play at that level.

Have you ever thought...
What if your number one college choice was at your next game?

What would you want them to see? What do they need to see to make them want to offer you a college scholarship?

- High Speed
- Breakaway Quickness
- Explosive Jumps
- Strong, Physical Play
- Well-Rounded Athletes!

Colleges and universities need players that can play multiple positions. They know that college athletics are full of unforeseen circumstances: injuries, transfers, violations, etc. which force them to change game-plans and adapt.

Colleges/Universities will invest in players that can adapt and play multiple positions!
Colleges/Universities will invest in players that are more than a one-trick-pony!
Colleges/Universities will invest in players that are hard-working and have a desire to improve!

It is time to train. It is time to prepare for that day when the college of your dreams comes to watch you play. It is time to make yourself into the well-rounded, fast, quick, strong, and powerful athlete that your college will want to invest in (offer a scholarship)!

At AGSP you'll be on the quick path to maximizing these much needed traits.

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance

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