Sunday, March 10, 2013

Simple, but Not Easy - showing up

Hello Everyone!

The world of athletics is full of rules or guidelines that I like to call "simple, but not easy." Concepts that for the most part everyone can understand, but very few can actually do.

Take for example the simple, but not easy concept of showing up.

Whether it is to a 6am speed and agility session, an after school practice, a late afternoon weightlifting session, or arriving early like coach told you to do so you can take care of pre-game business. The only thing that is asked is of you is to show up.

I'm not even talking about effort or attitude, just the simple act of showing up.

But it isn't easy to show up on a dark cold morning before class.
It isn't easy to show up to practice when your significant other wants you to hang out together instead.
It isn't easy to show up to the weightlfting session when you are so sore.
It isn't easy to show up early before the game when everyone else is hanging out somewhere fun.

Yet, if you just showed up a lot of your dreams and goals would become a reality. You can't achieve your dreams of a college scholarship, or winning a championship, or making the team when you make excuses for yourself on why you don't need to show up.
The athletes that show up at AGSP are the same athletes that are achieving many of the personal goals and dreams. Maybe it is time you join them and show up?

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance

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