Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Recap of Diamond Speed, Strength and Power Clinic

Hello Everyone!

Last month's Diamond Speed, Strength, and Power Clinic at Strike Force Academy was jam-packed and attended by some eager area athletes!

The clinic started with some videos like this one showing the kind of speed needed to be successful on the diamond.

It then went into a brief presentation that empowered the athletes with how to be better leaders and to understand what kind of training they should be doing to actually get results on the diamond. Here's 2 of the slides.

The athletes then hit the turf to start training.

First) They learned a quick and powerful warm-up that will get them more athletic and ready to perform their best.

Second) They started learning the keys to speed, the best ways to get quicker, and drills to practice to get faster! Brandon got so fast he blew his shoes out!
Third) The athletes were given diamond-specific strength and power workouts that will make them more powerful this year. They even learned how often to do the workouts and how to scale the workouts.

It was great at the end having the athletes answer with a resounding "YES!" when I asked them, "Was this clinic helpful?"

If you want to achieve you New Years goals you have to gain new knowledge and new ways to improve your efforts. Stay tuned for information on my next clinic which will be with Ken Wilson on President's Day!

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart

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