Thursday, November 19, 2015

Your Win Needs To Be A Team Win

Hello Everyone!

To be successful you have to first know what a win is for you. Without clearly defining what a win looks like it is hard to develop a plan and take appropriate action.

There is a common problem I see athletes have when they define their win:

  •  Their own win often does not translate to a win for their team.

Successful athletes understand that their personal win needs to also be a win for their team. Whether life or sport, athletes can’t win at the cost of selfishly sacrificing those around and then expect to have long-term success. As an athlete, you need to learn your role on the team and find a way to win your personal role in a way that translates to a win for your team.

The most successful athletes: stay true to themselves, their own wins, AND their team's win.

To be a great athlete you can't get caught up in personal accolades. Being an athlete means your coach will tell you what your team role is. You don’t (and let's be can't) tell your coach what your role is. You have to show up as best as you possibly can in your team role. To be successful, you need to show that you can put other people’s interests first AND can still achieve your own personal wins! That is true success! If you achieve your own personal win, but your team loses, how can you truly consider yourself a winner? You must achieve both!
At my PGC Basketball Athlete Performance College in Seattle, WA athletes trained to win at becoming quicker, stronger, and more explosive. This personal win will also help their teams win!

What should be empowering to know is that if a win for your team can not be a win for you personally (example: because of politics you won't play much) you can (and dare I say, should) find a new team where you can win for them and yourself. That's because this winning thing is at its best when it is reciprocal. If you can't win personally, you can't truly win for your team and vice versa.

Take some time to write down the following:

  • Wins for me
  • Wins for team
Once written, take some time, or even ask your coach to help you, to find ways to make sure that there is a reciprocal relationship between both. That way, you truly win.

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart

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