Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Athlete Spotlight #78) Nic Anderle

Hello Everyone!

Our 78th athlete spotlight is an athlete that brings confidence and leadership to every training session. He's determined and coach-able. His energy is contagious. He's a workhorse that wants to be challenged. He's the kind of athlete you want on the court when the game is on the line. It's time to meet....

Athlete Name: Nic Anderle
Sport(s): Basketball
Position(s): Point guard/guard
School: Padua Franciscan High School
Graduation Year: 2016
AGSP Athlete Since: 2013
Single Leg Strength work has improved Nic's jumping and dunking.
Favorite Professional Sports Team: Golden State Warriors
Favorite Professional Athlete: Steph Curry

Nic's vertical has increased multiple inches since he started training at AGSP in 2013.
Favorite Lift: Back Squat
Favorite Movement Skill: Ladder 

Pullaparts strengthen the back and shoulders. Crucial for basketball players like Nic.
When I am not training at AGSP, I am:In the gym putting up shots, working at Marcs, golfing, or fishing.
What are your short-term goals? Get my vertical to 34" and get as many scholarship offers as I can 
What are your long-term goals?
 Playing college basketball, and doing a windmill dunk 

Nic getting faster with resistance band sprints.
How has AGSP impacted your performance as an athlete? AGSP has mde me into an above average athlete by making me stronger, faster, and helping me jump higher. AGSP is making me into a super athlete.

Check out some video of Nic in action at AGSP!

Keep Training! 
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance

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