Friday, March 27, 2015

Insider Baseball and Softball Skills Clinic

Former D1 Speed, Strength and Conditioning Coach 
6-year MLB Player
An Insider Experience of Professional and Collegiate Drills that will make you a faster, quicker, and better baseball/softball athlete! 

Coach Joe Inglett shares insider drills and skills from his MLB experience and his personal journey to the big leagues. Train like (and with) the pros at the clinic! 
Originally from California, Coach Joe came to Ohio thanks to the Cleveland Indians.

Coach Joe trained with speed, strength and conditioning coaches throughout his baseball career and knows that speed and strength training is a must for any player at any level.Teaming up with me (Coach Amanda Kephart) makes the Insider Clinic the first of its kind in Northeast Ohio! 
To be a pro like Coach Joe you have to be FAST!

"Coach Amanda sees the science and physics behind the movements and drills I mastered as a professional baseball player. We've worked together to make a one of a kind clinic that's sure to make the players better. She breaks down how to move, I show them how to move like that on the diamond." 
Coach Joe developed Strength and Power to excel over his 6 years in MLB.

Register soon as spots are limited!

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