Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why Ohio State Won the 2015 National Championship

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There are many reasons why The Ohio State Buckeyes should NOT have won the first ever College National Championship decided by playoffs. 

They lost their starting QB Braxton Miller to a season-ending shoulder injury during fall practice. 

They lost at home to Virginia Tech by two touchdowns. 

They had to cope with the death of scout team player Kosta Karageorge. 

They lost their second QB J.T. Barrett to a season ending broken ankle. 

For most teams, having just one of these huge challenges would be enough to count them down and out. Yet, Ohio State persevered through it all. How did they do it?

The best way to answer that question is with another, "What was Ohio State's goal this year?"


Complete buy-in to this goal was what gave Ohio State the ability to overcome their multiple setbacks. They had to stay focused on their belief in their goal.

A great lesson for athletes:
There will be a time in your athletic journey that something unexpected happens. You need to have unwavering belief in your goal in order to be able to overcome the inevitable setbacks.

If Ohio State can achieve their goal of winning a National Championship, then you can achieve your goal too. What is your goal and how much do you truly believe in it?

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance 

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