Thursday, October 30, 2014

Baseball Speed

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As mentioned in my recent post, baseball and softball are pure power sports. Whoever can generate the most power in the quickest time will be at an advantage. Power can also be thought of as how fast can you move your strength.

When we think of power and running, two main focuses are ACCELERATION and MAXIMUM VELOCITY. Acceleration is your starting speed, either from a dead stop or a minimal movement, to the point where you reach your top end speed. Your top speed is your maximum velocity.

In this great video (click this link) we see Jarrod Dyson use his power to accelerate from his lead off spot, a little less than 10 yards in, to second base in 2.19 seconds (that's over 20 yards covered!). Then as he approaches third we see the red dot signify where he hits his maximum velocity of 21.1 mph, and that's off an angle from rounding second base!

Click HERE to watch video

On the next play we see him tag from third and on a straight ahead sprint accelerate for about 10 yards at a clip of 1.34 seconds to his maximum velocity (the next red dot) of 21mph about another 10 yards in. To get to 21 mph in about 20 yards takes a large amount of power. Dyson moves his strength very fast.

At AGSP we build strength in the weight room, but we also learn how to apply that strength into powerful running by teaching proper acceleration and maximum velocity mechanics. You can't just lift weights and assume you'll become more powerful and faster. You have to learn how to move that strength fast.

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Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance

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