Tuesday, July 22, 2014

3 Other Ways to Get Better

Hello Everyone!

On our Instagram and Twitter accounts I've been using the hashtag #getbettersummer2014 since our athletes are working hard on "getting better". Besides training with us at AGSP, there are other ways athletes can get better and get closer to their goals.

These 3 other ways are geared towards athletes that have the desire to play in college which requires athletes to find ways to separate themselves from their competition.
  • MAKE YOUR TWITTER PUBLIC: If I'm a college coach recruiting you and your Twitter is private, what is the first thing I am going to assume? That you are tweeting things that are not good. Why else would you not want to showcase your workouts, skill development, highlights, etc on one of the greatest platforms in the world? A good rule of thumb is: if you wouldn't want your mom/dad to read it, then you probably shouldn't tweet it!
  • LISTEN TO SUCCESS ORIENTED PODCASTS: Many of today's athletes have to travel for hours to tournaments and camps. While you are traveling, why not listen to something productive? Something that will motivate you to be better? My personal favorite, that is free, is The Hardwood Hustle. Even if you are not a basketball athlete, you will gain a ton of knowledge, motivation, and insight into elevating your game!
  • READ AN ATHLETE'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY: While you are resting or traveling, why not get inside the heads of great athletes? Autobiographies are an opportunity to literally see inside the minds of some amazing athletes! They are sharing their journey with you! Talk about motivating and educating you to a whole new level!
Twitter, Podcasts, and Autobiographies are great ways to become a better athlete!

If you are truly serious about playing at the next level, then you'll WANT to do these 3 things. Do the little things that others aren't doing to elevate your game past others!

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance
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