Friday, January 24, 2014

Studs and Buds

Hello Everyone!

We have some pretty amazing things happen on a regular basis at AGSP. Moments and events that our coaching staff and athletes can't help but smile at and acknowledge as special.

Some of these moments happen with our "studs", those athletes that are blessed with talent, genetics, and have picked the perfect sport for their natural skill set. You know these athletes are GOOD. These studs train at AGSP to maximize their abilities so they can take their sport to the collegiate and/or pro level.

And some of these amazing moments happen with our "buds", those athletes that you really aren't sure how good they can be. They're so raw that they could become something...or nothing. Our coaching staff at AGSP knows that if these buds really want to become better that we have the program and ability to make them into something special.
You won't know how good you really are unless you train yourself to be better.
When an amazing moment happens with a bud, an athlete that most people don't expect much from, it's a testament to their character, hard-work, and desire to make themselves better than anyone thought.

Whether you consider yourself a stud or a bud, join us at AGSP and create your own amazing moments!

Amazing Moments Include
  • Dunking
  • Squatting big weights
  • Fastest athlete at the showcase/combine
  • Quickest athlete on the team
  • Making your parents go "WOW"
  • Making your sports coach say "You are my star player"
Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance 

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