Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I can't make you WANT it

Hello Everyone!
Recently I had an athlete get upset with me because I wouldn't let him add more weight to an exercise (his form wasn't good enough to add more resistance). Even though it was frustrating for him at the time, whether he realizes it or not it was actually a breakthrough for his athletic career. You see, this was the first time I saw him WANT to better himself. And I, as the coach, can not make you want it. 

Sure I can make you faster, stronger, and more powerful. I can make you go through the best training possible, but only you can mentally choose to want to become the best athlete you can be. If you consciously make that choice there is no limit to how far you can go in athletics.

Even when a coach, in their wisdom, prevents you at the moment from putting more weight on the bar....if you want it, and are willing to listen to the experts that have your best interest in mind, you will get what you want.

Keep Training! (and keep wanting),
Coach Amanda Kephart and Akron General Sports Performance 

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