Monday, December 24, 2012

Adult Spotlight #2) Roni Thomas-Patterson

Hello Everyone!

With 2012 winding down and 2013 quickly approaching, many people are looking for a way to better themselves physically in the New Year. If you're having a hard time convincing yourself to take the plunge with Adult Performance, I'd like to point you to our second Adult Spotlight, Roni Thomas-Patterson. She started training at Akron General Sports Performance in Green this past September and has played a huge part in spreading the word about the things we do.

Adult Name:
Roni Thomas-Patterson

When did your start Adult Performance?
September 2012
Why did you start Adult Performance?

For health and all around fitness. It was something different than just slamming weights in the gym. It added spark, helped improve my speed and agility, and keeps me young and healthy.
What are your current goals for Adult Performance?

165lb bench press, 1 pull-up (Really, I want to be able to do multiple pull-ups with a wide grip), and improved running speed.

What is your favorite exercise?

Anything on the War Machine I love!

What is your least favorite exercise?
There really is none. The hardest for me are the Bulgarian split squats. I don’t have anything that is the least favorite because I love doing this stuff.

In what ways has Adult Performance helped you "perform better"? (more energy, sports, family, etc.)

I can feel it all over, between endurance and speed with running, more strength when training with free weights on my own. To be able to lift is one thing, but being able to move your body and control yourself is something that has improved dramatically from doing the class. I have been lifting weights for too many years to count, and this is the hardest thing I have ever done. Lifting on your own is nothing compared to lifting in the class.

What would you tell someone that's interested in trying Adult Performance? (Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, etc.)
JUST DO IT! Don’t hesitate, just come in and try it out, because once you try it, you’ll be addicted. You gotta make yourself do the things that are good for you.


Looking for the fast track to a better body? AGSP is the answer! Call today for your free trial. Who knows, you may end up working out with Roni. :-)

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