Monday, March 7, 2011

RECAP: College Recruiting

Hello Everyone!

The College Recruiting Seminar last night was a huge success for all the athletes and parents in attendance!

The driving home point was, "It is all about developing."

Coach Kelly Kennedy of RightFitSports talked about developing an athlete's
  1. Sport Specific Skills
  2. Sports Performance Skills and you know where you can do that at ;-)
  3. Grades and GPA
  4. Recruiting Marketability separating yourself from other similar-level athletes
As a former Division One Basketball Coach, Kennedy talked about what coaches look for in athletes... they want to see the above list improve year after year! The first 3 are pretty straight forward, but how do you improve on your marketability? Well that's where a tool like RightFitSports comes in... it let's you get your name out there without breaking any NCAA Rules to the type of schools you are interested in.

RightFitSports let's you make a profile (with that all important game film) that you can send to schools based on your interests such as programs offered, division, state, size, etc.
Talk about taking more control of your athletic future! You work hard, train hard, and get good why wouldn't you work on developing your marketability through a tool like RightFitSports?

For more information visit or contact Coach Kelly Kennedy at

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart

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