Monday, May 17, 2010

USAW Weightlifting Course huge hit at AGSP!

Hello Everyone!

This past weekend's USAW Weightlifting Level 1 Course was a great success. Special thanks to Mark Cannella, Holly, Dan, Mike, and Bob for their willingness and expertise in teaching the Olympic Lifts.

We had a great group; everyone desired to become better at the Olympic Lifts in all aspects, understanding, coaching, execution, application, etc.

Some of the biggest takeaways for me were:
  • "Bone on bone"
  • Do not jump shrug, because the shrug actually slows you down and makes you less efficient
  • "Pop, Pop" the bar should literally hit off the high thigh as the hip comes back through
  • Your squats and complimentary lifts should be just that, complimentary to speed! Speed is king and if you teach slow squats you are teaching your athletes to be slow. "Down with control, up with power"
There were many other great cues and concepts taught and I'm hoping other attendees will make comments to this post with some of their big takeaways and ah-ha moments (I'll approve the replies).

Keep Training!
Coach Amanda Kephart


Anthony Colarusso said...

Hey all,

Good times this weekend.

My biggest takeaways:

Relax. Don't tense up when lifting, allow your body to move.

Consistency is the hallmark of a good weightlifting coach.

The feet don't jump to the landing position, they shuffle.

Be one with the bar. The body moves around the bar, not vice versa.

Observe your lifters from a 45, not from the side or head-on.

Learn to be patient! Wait for the bar to reach the hips before initiating the 2nd pull.

Anonymous said...

it was great to work with all of you and see the progress that was made in the short amount of time we had together during the weekend.

Continue to work the cues and watch your lifting improve to new heights.

We are available any time so certainly drop us a line when you need to clarify any issue(s) that might arise.


Strength Coach Amanda said...

A few more takeaways:

* The scapula must be locked down in the pull and catch. The traps should not be shrugging the weight up

* Knees in front of the elbows

* HIGH off the thigh

* It's a 1-2 second movement, once you start, don't think, just do it