Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sports Performance & Ohio Schools

Hello Everyone,

How can Akron General Sports Performance help enrich your students and school system?

There are many options, with the primary mission being to:
"Improve the health & performance of Ohio School System's students & athletes through proper education on athletic performance and its many variables (nutrition, injury prevention, etc.)."

Guest Speaking
Teach a physical education class? Want to expose your students to different applications of fitness? Akron General Sports Performance's Coaches are eager to guest speak in the area. All of our coaches are college educated in exercise science and have been working with athletes for multiple years. There are a wide variety of topics that we speak on. Please email us ( and find out if we can guest speak at your class! Most guest speaking is complimentary!

Guest Coaching
Want to spice up practice? Expose your athletes to proper speed mechanics? Akron General Sports Performance Coaches can help liven up practice in multiple ways. You let us know what can help your team improve (better warm-ups, speed training, power development, agility training, etc.) and we'll do the rest. All coaches/teams receive the first guest coaching complimentary! Email or call today!

Health & Fitness Fairs
Is your school holding a Health & Fitness Fair? Akron General Sports Performance would enjoy being a part of it! Depending on the theme of the fair we can hold demonstrations, give talks, meet and greets, etc. Having AGSP at your school's fair is complimentary! Contact us with the details!

Coaches Education Seminars
Looking to enhance the knowledge of your school's coaching staff? AGSP Coaches are eager to better equip today's sport coaches with a better understanding on strength, conditioning, injury prevention, program design, etc. School's can have as many coaches at a seminar as they want (which makes for a great deal per person!). We ask that a school commit to 6 seminars. The seminars will be geared to the goals of the school, so you only learn about the topics you are interested in. We are willing to work with each school's needs and limitations. The seminars can be spread over any length of time (days, weeks, months, etc.) , each individual seminar is between 60-90 minutes in length. This is a great event for booster clubs to fund as it benefits the school, the coaches, and the athletes. Contact us today!

Have an idea or event you think Akron General Sports Performance can enhance? Interested in any of the above opportunities? We look forward to bettering our local school's and communities!

Keep training!
Coach Amanda Kephart

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